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Albaraka Türk launches API platform with 29 different banking services

Albaraka Türk launches API platform with 29 different banking services

In 2019, albaraka Türk,who came up with his investment in the next generation digital payment application Alneo and 2 initiatives, made an important decision regarding the API platform he owned. According to information shared by the company, Albaraka Türk has made the APIplatform with 29 different banking services available to developers, especially corporate companies, ventures and fintechs.

In order to build tomorrow's banking, Albaraka Türk has opened 29 different banking APIs under 6 main categories through the platform that can be accessed through the address. The 6 main categories that make up the APIs consist of "Accounts", "Money Transfers", "Financing Information", "Credit Cards", "InvestmentProducts" and "Information Services".

Developers using the Albaraka APIs will also be able to provide services for related services through their platforms by obtaining customer's permission. In addition, developers will be able to make financial recommendations to the customer through this data by accessing personal financial management practices and person's account information and account transactions.

Let's add that developers can easily test apisions after they sign up to the Albaraka API platform, creating which APIs to use and create their projects with the form that contains project details. 

Albaraka Türk, who stated that he is rapidly advancing towards building the API ecosystem to build strong collaborations with the Albaraka API platform and to make life easier for its customers with new business models, began with insha and Alneo, their own initiatives to use their APIs.

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