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Cisco announces innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Cisco announces innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Cisco has made it public with software innovations designed to make it easier to manage and protect networks. As today's businesses invest more in digital technologies, IT teams are struggling due to the increased workload. To ease this load and allow IT to focus on innovation, Cisco delivers new AI and machine learning capabilities that will enable IT teams to work on machine speed and scale through personalized network insights. Cisco is developing innovations that allow users and applications across the entire business network -- from campus networks to wide area networks, data centers to the Internet of Things -- to manage them more effectively. 

IT teams are facing a daunting challenge today. According to 451 Research, nearly two-thirds of institutions say the workload of IT teams is increasing; however, only a third of companies are considering growing their IT team next year. At the same time, in an overly competitive environment, IT is being asked to deliver more perfect digital experiences than ever before. To cover the difference between a business's needs and resources at hand, we need innovative network automation and analytics tools powered by data-based, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

 Cisco leverages new software capabilities designed to use anonymized and clustered data; This, coupled with Cisco's corporate knowledge, which has built the world's networks for 35 years, comes up with smarter solutions that enable IT teams to work more effectively.

These new capabilities will give IT teams the following possibilities:

  • Increase in Visibility: All networks are different. Environments change all the time. Cisco continuously collects relevant data from local networks and associates them with a stocked and clustered data set, creating a high level of personalized network baselines. These baselines are; as the device evolves in number of users and apps and environments change, it constantly learns and adapts to them.
  • More Insight: To create problems that will have the greatest impact on the network, Cisco uses machine learning to associate a tremendous amount of data from the network with personalized network baselines. This clarifies whether problems are important and alerts IT about the most burning issues. It also discovers trends and patterns; this enables IT to effectively detect problems before becoming a problem.
  • Hit Actions: Cisco uses machine mind-play algorithms and automated workflows to solve a problem, performing logical troubleshooting steps that an engineer will use to solve a problem. This allows IT to detect problems and deficits, analyze the underlying cause and take recoupmeasures extremely quickly.

"Whilethe pace and diversity of the environment continues to develop rapidly, Cisco is determined to continuously simplify its solutions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can enable companies to effectively distinguish between which issues to prioritize, making them more agile and proactive. This will have a strong impact on network operations and IT teams that manage them."

Cisco announces innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning

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