What is Algolia?

Users are definitely using at least one of YouTube, Amazon and Facebook. This is an important feature that bigweb sites share. However, the reason they are looking for greatness is that they have hundreds (if not thousands) of people working full-time. Because your users are constantly exposed to large search on these platforms, they expect to find it on every site and app they use. But your company isn't a search company: It doesn't make sense to hire hundreds of developers to reinstrite search, but that's where Algoliatamda comes in : It helps you search your sites and apps efficiently, flexibly, and understandably.

How does Algolia InstantSearch work?

  • INDEX- Set of information to be used in our application for inquiry and search. It's a collection.RECORDS
  • RECORDS- The array of JSON objects contains data/information that is shown to the user at the end of these objects. They are formedATTRIBUTES
  • ATTRIBUTES - Key/ value pair contents that define parent elements RECORD

RealTime Search logic

Interact with InstantSearch package Algolia API the user enters a keystroke in the search box, a request is made sequenially to the Algolia servers where it compares the existing search query INDEXand filters RECORDfor those with relevant residency ATTRIBUTEafter RECORDSdata related to the search term sends back .

Instant Search process


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