Anadolu Sigorta to make damage detection smart with IBM Watson

IBM and Anadolu Sigorta announced that they are working together to speed up damage detection processes using artificial intelligence. Ibm Watson Visual Recognition Service on IBM Cloud will help Anadolu Sigorta review and quickly analyze photos showing vehicle damage. Thus, Anadolu Sigorta will be able to upload and evaluate photos 70% faster. This will improve the customer experience by enabling damage assessment and faster completion of quotes.

Anadolu Sigorta opens an average of 1,200 vehicle damage files every day, 63 percent of which are files indicating that the damage is less and that the vehicle is in a "walking" state. Anadolu Sigorta will benefit from IBM Watson Visual Recognition Service thanks to its flexible and customizable structure in order to optimize the damage assessment process through these files.

Two-step implementation

Accordingly, in the first stage, contracted auto services will take an image of vehicle damage and upload it to anadolu sigorta's application and share it with the appraisers of the insurance company via the mobile application. There will also be a photo assistant on the app to get the right photos. Thus, the insurance company will be provided with images as they should be. IBM Watson will automatically identify and classify damaged parts, damage size, and information about whether repair or replacement is necessary and inform appraisers. 

Anadolu Insurance experts and IBM's data scientists are currently training IBM Watson on parts of the car such as bumpers, fenders, doors and damages. The aim is to open the app to contracted services and damage assessment appraisers in the second half of this year. IBM and Anadolu Sigorta are also working together to map the overall roadmap for artificial intelligence. 

Process to be accelerated in damage assessment

Anadolu Sigorta aims to open the artificial intelligence-based application to its customers in the second stage. Accordingly, insurers will simply upload images of the damage of their vehicles to the mobile app with the new platform created in con contingency with IBM, entering some basic information about their vehicles themselves. This will speed up the damage assessment process.


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