What is GoLang?

Go's three chief developers atGoogle were Robert Griesemer , Rob Pike and Ken Thompson. Their goal is to create a language that will remove languages such as C ++ from the recess, based on the syntax of the C programming language. As a result, Go avoids many features of other modern languages, such as method and operator overload, pointer arithmetic, and type inheritance.

Go is not a free-range language: its rules specify many formatting details, including how to use indentation and spaces.

Go uses "type inference" in variable information: instead of being an explicit part of the declaration statement, the variable type is subtracted by the value type itself. For example, in C, an integer variable can be set to 0 with an x expression.

int x = 0;

In Go, the equivalent expression is:

x: = 0

The variable is written as an integer based on the value itself.

Here's the classic "Hello, World!" on Go. Program:

package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt. Println("Hello, World")} 


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