What is Ionic

Provides web technology-based components built for mobile devices and native APIs using Cordova and Ionic Native.

Ionic is performance-wise using the latest version ileminimum DOM manipulation. Angular also plays an important role in improving the performance of an Ionic application.

It has its own command-line interface tool, which is really useful for developing its own scaffolding and an application and saves time largely by avoiding writing code.

Why use Ionic?

Ionic is an excellent choice to create basic native functions that can work on more than one device and operating system in an application. The main advantage of Ionic is that we can create the app multiple times instead of once for different devices and deploy it everywhere. Makes application development fast and cost-effective. It also reduces the need for maintenance.

Icons of the Ionic Frame

1. Easy to learn

If the developer has knowledge of basicCSS, HTML, or JavaScript frameworks, it is very easy to learn and develop applications using the Ionic framework. It also allows development companies to switch to Ionic if their requirements and needs require hybrid application development.

2. Easy documentation

Ionic offers very good and well-structured documents. Official documents cover many of the things required for developers.

3. Multi-platform

The Ionic app can be deployed across multiple formats, including native iOS, Android, Desktop, and web with a single codebase. These apps can write once and run everywhere.

4. User interface

Ionic's user interface, such as themes and themes, is highly customizable. The Ionic platform allows its components to adapt to the platform on which the application is running.

5. Built on angular

Ionic uses Angular, which provides developers with a lot of functionality. Today, Angular is the most used frame by designers. 

Ionic Frame's Advances

1. Performance

The Ionic app's performance is not good compared to native mobile apps, but performance doesn't go unnoticed for most average users.

2. Security

The Ionic framework-developed application may not provide as much security as a native application. For example, if you are developing a financial application, for example, an application for a bank, Ionic is not recommended.

3. Limited functionality

There are some local functions that are not found in the Ionic framework. In such a case, you need to improve the plugin to replace this function yourself. However, there are many plugins that will cover most of the local functions.

4. Not suitable for video game

The Ionic frame is not suitable for high-level graphics dependent applications or video games.


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