What is Kotlin

android Application widely used to improveKotlin is designed to work fully with Java. Kotlin mainly targets JVM, but JavaScript or local code they say for Kotlin is supported by JetBrains and Google through the Kotlin Foundation.

Features of Kotlin

The reason for Kotlin's popularity is due to its unique characteristics. Now let's look at its various features.

1.    short : Kotlin, From Java more private and Java You need to read about 40% fewer lines of code compared to .

2.    Interoperability :Kotlin programming language can work with Java. You will never have difficulty using Aotlin in a Java project.

3.    rich features : Kotlin, Operator overload, Lambda expressions, string templates, etc. It offers many advanced features such as .

4.    easy :Kotlin is easy to learn the programming language. If you come from a Java background, you will find Kotlin easy to learn.

5.    Fewer errors: As I mentioned earlier, Kotlin is a static programming language, which allows you to capture errors at compile time because static programming languages check spelling at compile time.


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