What is TypeScript ?

So, what's the difference? TypeScript gives us more control over our code through spelling notes, interfaces, and classes.

Who Made Typescript?

TypeScript was created by Microsoft and released in 2012 after two years of development. It was created to allow optional static type control, which will be especially useful when developing large-scale applications. Interestingly, one of the reasons Microsoft developed TypeScript was that its internal teams had trouble creating a JavaScript scale for Microsoft's own projects, especially for the team working on Bing Maps.

TypeScript is open source and the code is written in TypeScript itself. Code On GitHub you can check

Who uses TypeScript?

Teams at AngularJS, Ionic, NativeScript, Aurelia, SitePen, and Epic all use TypeScript to make their code more manageable, improve development workflows, and help with debugging.

If you use JavaScript to write large programs, or if you think you've consistently found errors because of types that don't often match, you might want to try TypeScript.


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