Windows Terminal is now available!

How to download Windows Terminal with tab support for Windows 10?

Terminal; it was a new central location where you can access the classic command line, PowerShell and Windows Subsysm for Linux (WSL). Developers were able to compile and use Windows Terminal from code on GitHub.

The Windows Terminal app includes themes and customizations for developers who want to change the command-line application, as well as multi-tab support. If you want to access all customization options at this time, you will need to edit the JSON file, since the first preview released does not have full functionality. Microsoft has also released some instructions on how to configure your settings and key links in the JSON file. With these instructions, the background of the Terminal can also be changed.

Windows Terminal also supports full GPU-based text creationand even emoji. Microsoft is also working to bring the entire Linux kernel to Windows 10 to improve the performance of the Windows Subsysize system for Windows (WSL).

You can click here to try the new Terminal app.


KARABAY A, 2019 . Windows Terminal is now available!,

(Accessed June 24, 2019).

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