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Developers can now include Unity features in local iOS and Android apps

Developers can now include Unity features in local iOS and Android apps

Developers, unity components and content ( areality Create 3D/2D in real time, 2D mini-games and more) can integrate Unity into a local platform project to use as a library.

JC Cimetiere, senior technical product manager for mobile platforms, said, " Developers using local platform technologies ( Android / Java And Ios / Objective C) applications and games that they want to include features supported by Unity we know there are times "He said, "I'm going to get

How it works

In general, mobile app creation is still the same. Unity Ios Creates Xcode and Android Gradle projects. However, to enable this feature, the Unity team is produced Ios Here's how xcode and Android Gradle projects are built:

  • A library section with all source files and add-ons - iOS freamwork and Android Archive (AAR) file
  • A thin initiator part that contains application display data and runs the library section

In addition , including basic sample projects, Union Ios And On Android step-by-step instructions on how to merge as a library .

Currently, as a Library, Unity only supports full-screen viewing. For now, displaying only part of the screen is not supported. Additionally, Unity does not support installing multiple instances. Developers for proper operation third-party plug-ins ( Local Or Managed ) adaptations Must.  

Unity brands and creative agencies AR directly to their mobile applications by helping them easily add AR marketing will increase the .

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