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What is GoLang?

What is GoLang?

Go's Three chief developers at Google were Robert Griesemer , Rob Pike and Ken Thompson . Their purpose is based on the syntax of the C programming language, and to create a language that will eliminate it. As a result, Go, method and operator other modern such as overloading, pointer arithmetic and type inheritance avoids many features of languages.

Go free is not a formatted language: how to indent rules and gaps specifies many formatting details, including to be used.

Go, variable uses "type inference" in notifications: an open statement instead of being part of the variable type value type itself. For example, in C, an integer variable can be set to 0 with the x expression.

int x = 0;

In Go, the equivalent expression is:

x: = 0

Variable is written as an integer based on the value itself.

Here's Go Written classic "Hello, World! " Program:

package main 
import "fmt" 
func main() { 
    fmt.Println("Hello, World")

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