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What is Ionic

What is Ionic

For mobile devices optimized web technology-based components and Cordova and Ionic Native provides local APIs that use it.

Ionic, with the latest version in terms of performance using minimum DOM manipulation efficient. Angular is also an Ionic application's performance plays an important role in the increase.

Own pier and a the application is really useful to develop and largely from writing code has its own command-line interface tool that saves time avoiding avoidance.

Why Ionic should you use it?

In an Ionic application basic local functions that can run on multiple devices and operating systems is the perfect choice to create. Ionic main advantage is to apply for individual devices, we can create it multiple times instead of multiple times, and we can distribute it. Makes application development fast and cost-effective . It also reduces the need for maintenance.

Ionic Frame Advantages

1. Easy to learn

Developer's base If you have information about CSS, HTML, or JavaScript frames, you can it is very easy to learn and develop applications using. In addition requirements and needs, if hybrid application requires development, development companies allow them to switch to Ionic.

2. Easy documentation

Ionic very good and good provides configured documents. Official documents required for developers it covers most of what happened.

3. Multi-platform

Ionic application, multiple syllabs, such as local iOS, Android, Desktop, and web with a single code base can be distributed on the platform. These apps can be written once and everywhere Works.

4. User interface

Ionic's themes and The user interface, such as components, can be highly customizable. Ionic platform, components to adapt to the platform on which the application is running Allows.

5. On angular built

Ionic developers uses Angular, providing many functionality. Nowadays Angular, designers is the most used frame by the 

Ionic Frame Disadvantages

1. Performance

Ionic application performance is not good compared to local mobile applications, however, performance is not noticed for most average users.

2. Security

With ionic frame the application that has been developed may not provide as much security as a local application. For example, applying a financial application, for example, to a bank Ionic is not recommended.

3. Limited functionality

Ionic frame there are some local functions that are not available. In such a case, you can use this function yourself you must develop the add-in to perform. However, the local there are many plugins that cover most of the functions.

4. Suitable for video game Not

Ionic frame, top level graphics is not suitable for dependent applications or video games.

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