What is Alpine JS?

Alpine.js is a minimal frontend development framework for adding JavaScript event to HTML markups. Angular allows you to take advantage of the reactive and declarative nature of popular frontend libraries and frameworks such as React and Vue at a much lower cost. It does not compile, and the library file size is compressed to approximately 4KB.

It does not replace frameworks such as Alpine, Vue and React; If you have a highly interactive one-page app, it's best to stick to Angular, Vue, or React. Your project is best used when it requires minimal JavaScript; for example, when you need only one or two components, such as pop-ups, sidebars, tabs, and image selection. The framework is perfect for server-created applications such as Laravel and Rails that require you to modify some JavaScript components. Because it does not have a virtual DOM, it is easier to set up and has no steps to create.

Basically, Alpine.js like Tailwind for JavaScript. DOM and its behavior are inseparable; It will protect the DOM and add behavior as you see fit. Unlike procedural code, you can easily write a notification code.

An example from Alpine Js 


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