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What is Alpine JS?

What is Alpine JS?

Alpine.js is a minimal frontend development framework to add a JavaScript event to HTML markups. Angular allows you to benefit from the reactive and declarative nature of popular frontend libraries and frameworks such as React and Vue at a much lower cost. It does not compile, and the library file size is compressed by approximately 4KB.

It does not replace frameworks such as Alpine, Vue and React; If you have a highly interactive one-page app, it's best to stick to Angular, Vue, or React. The best is used when your project requires at least JavaScript; for example, when you need only one or two components, such as drop-downs, edgebars, tabs, and image selection. The framework is perfect for server-generated applications such as Laravel and Rails, which require you to modify some JavaScript components. Because it does not have a virtual DOM, it is easier to install and does not have steps to create.

Basically, Alpine.js is like Tailwind for JavaScript. DOM and its behavior are integral; It will protect the DOM and adds behavior as you see fit. Unlike procedural code, you can easily write a notification code.

An example from Alpine Js 

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