What's New with Angular 9

The main goal of Angular 9 is to make the Ivy compiler available for all applications. The benefit of Ivy is that it can significantly reduce the size of small and large applications.

Angular 9 Features

· Smaller packages and better performance

· TypeScript Diagnostic Format Support

· FormControlName also accepts a number on the form

· Allows selective instructions as a base class in the View Engine in the compiler

· Added support selective directive as base classes in Ivy and makes Ivy compiler the default for NGC

· All ngtsc diagnoses ts. Converts to Diagnostics

· Core: dynamic queries schema 

· Ivy: expose window.ng.getDebugNode assistant and also support ng-add in localization package

· Language-service : Enables logging on TypeScriptHost

· Language-service : provides diagnostics for invalid templateUrls

· Language-service : provides diagnostics for invalid styleUrls

Significant Changes in Angular 9

1) Ivy applications:

Previously, in Ivy apps, Hammer providers were included by default. With this process, applications that require Hammer support must import HammerModule into their root modules.

Import {HAMMER_PROVIDERS} from './dom/events/hammer_gestures'

2) Performance Improvements

· Ivy: Improve the performance of posted images

· ivy: moving local references to consts array

Bug fixes

1) compiler: EnableIvy returns true when using readConfiguration.

2) Ivy:

· Gets the name directly from nativeNode

· In ngcc, perform inline exports in common code

· Ngcc should only index .d.ts exports in package

· NgTemplateOutlet error switching between null and template value

4) language-service :

· Sampling metadata solver once

· You can remove the'context' used for module resolution

5) Ngcc:

· Performing imports


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