What is Axios?

Axios XMLHttpRequestsis a lightweight HTTP client based on the service. It is similar to the fetch API and is used to perform HTTP requests.

Axios is a word-based HTTP client that runs in both the browser and node.js environment. Provides a single API for the XMLHttpRequests and node http interface. In addition, ES6 sends requests using a multifill for syntax.

Installing Axios

The following command can be used to install axios using Npm:

npm install axios

Make an HTTP GET request

Axios is a simple GETcan be used to perform requests. This syntax:

method: 'get'

Make an HTTP POST request

Axios is similarly simple. POSTcan be used to perform requests. POSTWe can also send parameters on an object using the request . This syntax:

method: 'post',
url: '/signup',
data: {
user: 'abcd1234',
pass: 'pwd1234'

Axios' advantage

  • Supports older browsers
  • There's a way to cancel a request.
  • The response timeout can be set.
  • It has built-in CSRF protection.
  • Supports installation progress.
  • Performs automatic JSON data conversion.


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