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What is Backbone JS?

What is Backbone JS?

Backbone.js is based on the Model-view-presenter (MVP) application design concept and is a JavaScript library with restful JSON interface. Backbone.js is basically designed to create one-page web applications and keep various web applications synchronized.

Backbone.js is an open source component of DocumentCloud. It is a JavaScript freamwork that is really a hybrid platform and is used not only for mobile devices, but also for other platforms. When using this freamwork, which adds advanced build to JS applications. Uses the work logic to separate it from view logic.

A backbone.js freamwork that is effectively used to create one-page web applications or one-page web applications where all communication occurs within that page, without having to do page refresh, such as Gmail. Backbone.js code takes up only about 7.6 kb, which helps load pages faster.

Working with Backbone.js ?

Backbone.js is a JavaScript freamwork designed with a variety of goals to ensure easy operation,

  • It makes it easier for developers to link code to server-side applications of websites.
  • The business and user interface is a simple library that helps divide logic.
  • When any changes occur to the model, it will automatically update your application's HTML code.

What can you do with Backbone.js?

Backbone.js integrated JavaScript APIs create everything possible. Basically, Backbone.js allows developers to encode really simple JavaScript code, which is good for scriptwriters and moves with the finished product. Modernizes and automates most of what occurs between the Model and View components of an application, keeping a website's user interface and database up to date at the same time without the need for any additional code.

Why use Backbone.js?

  • BackboneJS provides a much easier way to create an application and frontend using JavaScript functions.
  • BackboneJS acts as a spine for your project and helps you manage your code.
  • It is a free and open source library and covers more than 100 accessible plug-ins.
  • BackboneJS are seamless libraries that make it easy to edit business and user interface logic.

Why do we need Backbone.js?

  • If you want a better design with less code, it's developed to take advantage of the BackboneJS library for superior functionality, well configured, and an organized approach to building your app.
  • Backbone integrates into the JS event; you do not mix this app. Maintaining your code will be smooth. 

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