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What is Electron Js

What is Electron Js

In most cases, you don't need certain skills to develop applications with electrons. If you're a web developer and want to develop an app with Electron, be sure to check out the tutorials to follow this article in this series.

If you want your app to be available for all the platforms we're talking about, you'll need to deploy your app using different technologies. This is very manual and time consuming. Now, speaking about Electron, it's clear that this is a JavaScript-based framework. Because all platforms support web technologies, Electron helps develop cross-platform applications more easily. Popular apps using Electron include Visual Studio Code, Slack and Atom Editor.

Electron Js Properties


You don't have to think too much when moving your existing app to Electron because the app we're creating is a desktop app and the data remains local in the system. Therefore, you can secure data. When you need to store data in the cloud, check to see if your cloud network already has sufficient security functionality to avoid unwanted surprises.

Low Level Accessibility

Before you begin, you should check that all the functionality you provide for your desktop application is also available in The Electron. In my experience, Electron provides enough control to have extended interactive features in your app, such as Keyboard Shortcuts. It also provides low levels of accessibility to hardware and operating system components.

Hardware Accessibility

Developers can provide full access to all hardware-level access APIs that arise through the JavaScript / Add-in. If you want to switch to electrons, you don't have to compromise on this feature.


That's how the electron develops. If appropriate attention is taken during development (install only what you need), Electron can make huge performance gains compared to local applications. Electron saves a lot of time and gives more options for all major platforms to play or improve by having a single code base. These are important problems when dealing with the local development of applications, all effectively solved by Electron.

Code and Application Management

As product owner, you do not need to have different teams for each platform and you will have the trouble of reopening your needs with different teams. It will also reduce the audit work to ensure that the product has the same functionality on platforms.

As a developer, you don't have to worry about different code bases. If you encounter an error on any platform, you can correct the code from the code base. The error never appears on other platforms. However, you should still pay attention to operating system level functions.


Because we use a single code base, it means we can use it for both web applications and desktop applications. We also reuse the basic code on different platforms because we have "once coded, distributed everywhere.".


The more well-known frames we use, the more support we get. This gives us less time to produce with more open source libraries and more features that we can reuse.

Distribution / Build

This is one of the interesting aspects of Electron. There is an electron packing module that helps us include the entire code base in the relevant packages. Although people argue that Electron gets too much memory, as I said, electron needs some maintenance during development to prevent it.


With Web technologies, you're open to multiple technologies that provide the perfect User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) that give all your users great convenience. You can also be sure that you offer the same experience to all your users on different platforms.

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