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What is Ember JS

What is Ember JS

If you want to create a one-page web application on the web, Ember.js is the right choice for you.

Ember.js Features

  • Ember.js is used to create reusable and maintained JavaScript web applications.
  • Ember.js contains HTML and CSS at the center of the development model.
  • Route is the main features of Ember.js, which are used to manage URLs.
  • Ember.js provides the Ember Inspector tool for debugging Ember applications.
  • Ember.js uses templates that help update the model automatically if the content of applications changes.


This layer is responsible for server-side communication as well as model-specific tasks such as data formatting.

The Ember model uses ember data to significantly simplify your code while improving the robustness and performance of the application.


The layer between the model and the view is the controller layer. There are several controllers, especially "Ember.ObjectController" and "Ember.ArrayController".

Ember Router is a mechanism that updates your application URLs and examines URL changes. Each router can have several subpaths, and you can use navigate to navigate through the state in your application.

View and Handlebars.JS

The View layer is responsible for examining items on the screen. Ember.js has an advanced system for creating and managing an view that connects to the browser's DOM. View is responsible for responding to user activities such as clicks, drag, and scrolling, and updating DOM content when view's data changes.

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