What is Express Js?

Express.js a web application framework for Node.js. The web application provides a variety of features that make development quick and easy, otherwise it will take more time using only Node.js.

Express.js is based on the Node.js middleware module, called connect, which uses the http module. Therefore, any connect-based middleware software will also work with Express.js.

Advantages of Express.js

  • Node.js makes web application development quick and easy.
  • Easy to configure and customize.
  • Allows you to define ways to implement your application based on HTTP methods and URLs.
  • It includes several middleware software modules that you can use to perform additional tasks on request and response.
  • Easy to integrate with different template engines such as Jade, Vash, EJS etc.
  • Middleware allows you to identify an error related to processing.
  • It's easy to present static files and your application's resources.
  • Allows you to create a REST API server.
  • Provides easy connectivity to databases such as MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, etc.


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