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Node.js 13 ICU Support And A Stable Worker Threads API Support

Node.js 13 ICU Support And A Stable Worker Threads API Support

Node.js was the newest LTS version with version 10 and 8. This version indicates the transition of Node.js 12.x to LTS under the code name 'Erbium'. Version line 12.x is now switching to "Active LTS" and will remain the same until October 2020. Then he'll be in "Care" for the rest of his life in April 2022.

The new Version of Node.js 13 will offer faster start-up and better default stack limits. V8, TLS and llhttp updates and diagnostic sactum report include updates for the diagnostic report capability that comes with it, Worker Threads, N-API, and more.

Key features Node.js 13

Let's take a look at the basic features in Node.js 13.

V8 upgraded to V8 7.8

This version is compatible with the new version V8 7.8. V8 Javascript engine this new version, It brings performance adjustments and improvements to keep Node.js informed of ongoing developments in language and run time.

Full ICU is enabled by default in Node.js 13.

From Node.js 13, full-icu is now available by default. This means that hundreds of local languages are now supported in the box. This will facilitate the development and implementation of applications for non-English deployments.

Stable Worker API

Worker Threads API it is now a stable feature in both Node.js 12 and Node.js 13. Although Node.js already performs well with a single-threaded event cycle, there are some usage cases that can be used for better results.

New compiler and platform support

Node.js and V8, newer C ++ and take advantage of new compiler optimizations and security enhancements. ContinuesWith the release of Node.js 13, the code base will now require at least 10 versions for OS X development tools and version 7.2 of the AIX operating system.

In addition To create Node.js applications Python 3 of them progress has been made on supporting Owner Systems Python 2 and python 3 installed will still be able to use Python 2, however, you should only be able to build using python 3.

If you want to learn more about this version, Node.js blog post as well as for version notes To the GitHub page See.

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