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What is Nuxt JS ?

What is Nuxt JS ?

Vue.js many modern JavaScript frameworks, such as aims to create single-page applications (SPas). This is done to improve the user experience and make the app look faster, because users can instantly see updates on the pages. While there are many advantages to this, there are several drawbacks, such as long "content time" when the browser first installs the application when it receives the JavaScript package, and some search engine web browsers or social network robots do not view the entire application uploaded when scanning your webpages.

The server-side creation of JavaScript is about preinstalling JavaScript applications on a web server and sending processed HTML in response to a page's browser request.

Creating server-side-created JavaScript applications can be a little distressed because many configurations need to be done before encoding can begin. Nuxt.js Aims to solve for Vue.js applications that's the problem .

What is Nuxt.js

Simply put, Nuxt.js is a framework that helps you easily create server-generated Vue.js applications. Resolves a complex configuration problem for managing things like synchronous data, intermediate-layer software, and routing. 

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