What is Polymer JS?

Polymer uses a set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create our own custom component from scratch. The polymer provides google material design for UI, so it can be used to make hybrid mobile applications. Provides a UI view of the hybrid application.

Why Should I Use Polymer.js?

  • Polymer.js allows you to easily create your own custom elements using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to add interactions to the element.
  • Polymer.js is created by Google and provides cross-browser compatible applications along with web components.
  • Polymer.js provides a Polymer command-line interface for managing web applications.

Features of Polymer.js

  • Polymer.js offers the simplest way to create custom HTML elements because its library is built on top of the web standards API.
  • Polymer.js uses Google material design to develop hybrid mobile apps. Therefore, developing mobile apps is quick and easy.
  • Makes it easy to create reusable widgets.
  • Polymer.js custom elements are distributed across the network, making it easier for users to use them with the help of HTML Imports.

Advantages of Polymer.js

  • Polymer supports .js compatibility between browsers.
  • Fast and easy hybrid mobile application development.
  • Supports one-way and two-way data binding.
  • Provides a polymer command-line interface for managing complex projects.

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