What is Socket IO
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Socket.io is one of the most valuable libraries of those who develop with Node.js. reason? This means realtime communication because it allows synchronous communication to take place only in your app.

Socket.io's capabilities are really great. Useful for anything that requires instant communication between visitors to your website. This, for example, brings the data without having to reload the page.

WebSocket :

WebSocket is a feature supported by all new browsers. Between client and server synchronized binary shopping Allows .

Communication on the web is usually not synchronized. The Internet has always been like this: the client requests it and the server responds.

WebSocket is a novelty that allows open communication between the client and the server. The browser and server remain connected and can exchange messages in one direction and the other through this connection. So now the server can send a message on its own.

Socket.io allows us to use WebSockets very easily. We can see that Socket.io determines that the realtime communication method is optimal for each customer.


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