Added New Features to Laravel 6.0.4

Let's highlight some new features in this release:

first assertJsonPath()first, the TestResponse class appears to be really useful for specifying values in a JSON response by using a point representation for nested properties one claim added:

$this->getJson(route)'', [$post->id])) ->assertJsonPath('tags', []) ->assertJsonPath('comments.0.user.username', 'ecrmnnn') ->assertJsonPath('comments.*.body', [ 'First!', 'This is my comment', ]);
Then, three new access methods were added to the Eloquent builder for the ease of claiming whether a constructor class has global/local macros:

BelongsToMany© Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. My feedRelationship added another access method :


These features work backwards and add only an alternative way to define arguments and options.

The following fixes include the full list and all 6.0.3 vs 6.0.4 you can see the differences between Full release notes for Laravel 5.8 on GitHub v6 is available on the changelog :


KARABAY A, 2019 . New Features Added to Laravel 6.0.4,

(Accessed September 27, 2019).

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