Laravel Page Speed Pack

Laravel Page Speed is a package by Renato Marinho to automatically optimize your site. Page Speed is inspired by Google's mod_pagespeed and offers the following options:

  • inline_css shrinks external CSS files
  • elide_attributes Removes unnecessary features from HTML tags
  • insert_dns_prefetch adds tags to HEAD to enable browser to pre-fetch DNS
  • remove_quotes Removes unnecessary quotation marks from HTML tags
  • trim_urls Removes unnecessary prefixes from URLs
  • collapse_whitespace Removes unnecessary spaces in HTML
  • remove_comments Removes HTML comments

In the roadmap of the package, combine_cssmerge multiple CSS files into a single file and do the same combine_javascriptJavaScript makes files in .

Optimizations work by defining middleware software that you can group to apply to a route or route group for each rule.

You can run routes by defining them in the configuration file that came with the package:

'skip' => [
'*.pdf', // Ignore all routes with final .pdf
'*/downloads/*',// Ignore all routes that contain 'downloads'

To use this package and for more   information, go to github laravel Page Speed


KARABAY A, 2020 . Laravel Page Speed Pack,

(Accessed April 12, 2020).

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