Laravel New Email Verification System 5.8.33

First, form requests are no longer passedValidation()will start after validation has passed one callback can provide :

publicfunctionpassedValidation(){ $this->replace(['name' => 'The Man']);}

back passedValidationsearching can be useful for filtering data without interfering with the validation process.

Later, Dries Vints, egulias / EmailValidator Package applied new types for email verification support by using . The enhanced email verification rule provides the ability to add multiple email verifiers when checking for valid emails.

Here's an example validation rule:

$request->validate([ 'email' => 'email:rfc,dns']);

At the time of writing, the possible rules are: rfc, strict, dns, spoof, filter. Documentation, for 5.8 last In Laravel Validation documentation has been updated to include new parameters that are possible in the email verification rule that you can see .

Dries Vints then added backward compatible support for Redis 5.0 so you can support v5.0 starting with this release.

Then added "ignore" support for MySQL and Postgres. To learn more about how this works See Pick Request #29639 . If the ignore operation runs during an insertion process, if the database encounters errors, it usually cancels and does not add any rows. With Ignore, the database inserts the current row and ignores invalid data.

The last new feature added is the ability to use a custom Whoops handler. For more information, see See Pick Request #29564 .

You can see the full list of fixes below and see the full On GitHub 5.8.32 vs 5.8.33 between Changing . Full release notes for Laravel 5.8 on GitHub 5.8 available in version :


  • Fixed unsensable boolean values in validation messages ( # 29560 )
  • AWS IAM ( # 29565 ) avoid undefined index errors when using
  • ProviderRepository::writeManifest()( # 29568 ) Fixed the custom exception message in .
  • Fixed invalid connection expiration in ResetPassword ( # 29579 )
  • Fixed command test outputand questionsexpectations ( # 29580 )
  • Added ignoring classes that cannot be embodied during activity discovery ( # 29587 )
  • Actual class name used for planters in the output ( # 29601 )


KARABAY A, 2019 . Laravel New Email Verification System 5.8.33,

(Accessed August 23, 2019).

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