Open Source Content Management System

Fjord is an open source content management package for Laravel that helps you create management interfaces to protect your application data.

[Fjord] provides the user interface and tools to manage your project's Users, Models, and free Forms for Pages, Settings, etc.

Key features of the project:

  • Code-Driven Configuration
  • Using Laravel Standards
  • Expandable with Vue Components
  • Form Fields for Models
  • User management
  • Role and Permission Management
  • Media manager
  • Translatable
  • Headless

You can create editable models around these features, and they can then be managed and customized through the admin panel:

The following is the code required to manage data that is the CRUD configuration side for a model. An example of an editable form model that you can use to create a form:

->title('Profile Image')
->crop(3 / 4)
$form->group(function ($col) {
})->width(2 / 3);

To Learn More

You can check the Fjord documentation to learn how to get started and use the Fjord with existing Laravel apps. You can also moas about the demo of the project.


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