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Aimeos e-commerce system

Aimeos e-commerce system

  • For shops with more than 1 billion products that respond in the 100ms
  • Multi-vendor, multi-channel and multi-storage
  • Including. packages, coupons, virtual, configurable and custom products
  • Each product can subscribe with repetitive payment
  • More than 100 payment gateway support via Omnipay PHP library
  • JSON REST API based on standard

  • The special strength of Aimeos is flexibility, so you can adapt and dynamically expand any functionality. This allows you to create online stores, complex B2B e-commerce apps, and marketplaces that are fully tailored to your customers' needs. 

    You can set up a fully run store in five minutes, but you can easily create your own pages. Aimeos provides components for each aspect of an e-commerce system that you can add to your controller process:

        'listbody' => Shop::get('catalog/lists')->getBody(),
        'listhead' => Shop::get('catalog/lists')->getHeader()

    These lines are sufficient to get a page that contains a product list that contains paging and sorting. If you want to have full control over the list content, you can also get products directly using the product API:

    use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Product;
    $items = Product::uses(['text', 'media', 'price'])
        ->sort('name')->slice(0, 48)->search();

    Now you will receive the first 48 products with texts, pictures and prices assigned to the category "123" and sorted by their names, which contain the text "sneakers".

    If you want to learn more about the Aimeos e-commerce system and try the demo, visit get it . GitHub repo to try Aimeos yourself aimeos / aimeos-laravel includes the source code and a manual for installation.

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