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Laravel 6 Release released

Laravel 6 Release released

 Some of the new features in Laravel 6:

Improved Authorization Responses

Previously, it was difficult to provide private error messages around authorizing end users. Laravel 6 Gate::inspectprovides the answer to the authorization policy method offers:

$response = Gate::inspect('view', $flight);

if ($response->allowed()) {
    User is authorized to view the flight...

if ($response->denied()) {
    Echo $response->message();

Laravel UI

The front pier supplied with the laravel 5.x versions is now a separate laravel / ui To the composer package Has been added . This allows the first-party UI scaffolding to be repeated separately from the primary frame.

If you want traditional Boot / Vue / scaffolding, you will run the following command:

composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui vue --auth

Some resources to check for Laravel 6:

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