Laravel 6.11.0 Out

Eloquent firstWhere () method

Caleb Porzio FirstWhereDevelopers one developed a method, which means shortcut where()->first():

BeforeUser::where('emaill', '[email protected]')->first();AfterUser::firstWhere('email', '[email protected]');

This new method is available only in the constructor and not in the query.

Optimize Redis Multichannel Streaming

Josias Montag provided an optimization for broadcasting to multiple channels in Redis:

It is quite common to send events to multiple channels at the same time in Laravel. Currently, all result in multiple publish commands that send the same payload to the Redis server. This leads to unnecessary data transfer (costs), especially if the load is quite large.

The details of this you can check .

On GitHub 6.10.0 and 6.11.0 Between Difference you can see the whole thing All release notes for Laravel 6.0 on GitHub v6 change you can find it in the log :



  • Added Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder::firstWhere() method ( # 31089 )
  • Redis Broadcaster: Broadcast to multiple channels at once ( # 31108 )




KARABAY A, 2020 . Laravel 6.11.0 Out,

(Accessed January 16, 2020).

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