Laravel 6.13.0 Out

Here are some of the new features that stand out:

File System 

Taylor Otwell ensureDirectoryExists(), the method of the file system class contributed :

Filesystem::ensureDirectoryExists($path, $mode =  0755, $recursive =  true);

This method creates the index if it does not already exist.

Storage URL for FTP Drive

Storage::url() Working with an FTP drive supported.

On GitHub a complete list of new features and updates, and 6.12.0 vs 6.13.0 Between Differences below you can see . All release notes for Laravel 6.0 on GitHub v6 change you can find it in the log 




  • Fixed laravel migrations when switching to SQL server (default value dropColumn ) # 31229 )
  • handleBeginTransactionException() PDO property invocation method instead of GetPdo () method Fixed # 31233 )
  • Fixed channel names when broadcasting via Redis ( # 31261 )


  • under added the reset timeout handler method after looping ( # 31198 )


KARABAY A, 2020 . Laravel 6.13.0 Out,

(Accessed January 29, 2020).

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