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Laravel 6.17.0 Released

Laravel 6.17.0 Released

The Laravel team will use v6.17.0 this week to permissionthe file cache store has issued with a new configuration.

Allow 'privately encrypted' Channels

Onur Köse private-encrypted, Pusher and Pusher contributed to a new feature that enables the use of channels with PHP Server.

Thanks to honor, the Laravel broadcaster app supports these channels. For more details, see push-end-to-end encrypted channel documentation.

Add Configuration Option 'Cache.permission'

Paul Klimov has provided a new option for the File cache drive to configure the octa-file permission:

Currently, the file cache writes with the default umask that allows files to be publicly deleteable.

This is a cache web server (e.g. It creates problems in some environments when written by Nginx and then accessed in the conscription.

Especially php artisan cache: the clear command silently fails to remove the file cache created by the web server.

This PR adds the 'permission' configuration option for FileStore, as it is for StreamStar.

Learn more

Here's the full list of new features and updates on GitHub and the differences görebilirsiniz between 6.16.0 and 6.17.0. You can find all version notes for Laravel 6.17.0 in the latest v6 change journal.



  • Permission special encrypted propulsion channels ( #31559 , ceabaef , 8215e0d )
  • permissionAdded file configuration option for file cache store ( # 31579 )
  • Added Connection refusedAnd running with the --read-only option so it can not execute this statementAgainst DetectsLostConnections# 31539 )



  • Fixed issue Content Type not specified# 31533 )


  • Allow cachehelper optional expirationparameter ( # 31554 )
  • Strings TestResponse::dumpSession()to be passed into the allowed ( # 31583 )
  • Mailto in emails: and wire: subcopy actionUrl ( #31523 , 641a7cd )
  • Excluding mariaDB from database support for new SKIP LOCKED (fff96e7 )

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