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Laravel 6.4.1 Out

Laravel 6.4.1 Out

ScheduledTaskSkipped is also a offers innovations to command 

If a scheduled command is run with accuracy limitations, it is not easy to check whether the task is ever running or filtered through a known system constraint.

Starting an event when the task is intentionally omitted allows you to track the execution of tasks as planned, depending on the constraint of the truth.

Then To the list of errors for lost database connections in MSSQL a new error message " no longer linked " Message Added:

SQLSTATE [08S01]: [Microsoft] [ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server] The server response to an expression that was previously executed is misformatted because the connection is no longer available.

Then, the file system and file system adapter classes missing() the other way around. a new method has !exists():

// Instead of...
if (!Storage::exists('file.txt')) {
   // ...

if (!File::exists('file.txt')) {
   // ...

// you can do...
if (Storage::missing('file.txt')) {
   // ...

if (File::missing('file.txt')) {
   // ...

The full list of the following new features and updates And At GitHub 6.4.0 to 6.4.1 you can see the full difference between Full version notes for Laravel 6.0 GitHub v6 changelog :



  • ScheduledTaskSkippedThe event to run a scheduled command Added # 30407 )
  • Added Login timeout expired For DetectsLostConnections# 30362 )
  • Added Missing Method Illuminate\Filesystem\FilesystemAnd Illuminate\Filesystem\FilesystemAdapter classes ( # 30441 )


  • Make vendor:publishcommand is more informative ( # 30408 , 65d040d )
  • URLIn the confirmor accepted underscore URL # 30417 )
  • Updated artisan down Output Artisan up# 30422 ) consistent with
  • Changed !empty For Isset Redis database (to change # 30420 )
  • Throw an exception when parameter keys are entered when determining a route signature # 30444 , 71af732 )


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