Laravel 7.10 Out

The Laravel team published the database driver for cache security and v7.10.0 with concurrency limitation and simplified accuracy testing along with the same session ID. In addition, 7.10 includes the latest fixes and options in branch 7.x, as well as several new features.

Session ID Request Concurrency Limitation

Taylor Otwell found a feature that has long been needed for session concurrency:

It's been a demand for a long time.

7.x IN KIND Session ID request concurrency limitation Be sure to check · Full description Click for details 32636 Pick Request .

Pages as subquery

Taylor Otwell found look at pagination count as a subquery for group number and havings.

Authentication Mode for SMTP Mail Driver

fragkp is an SMTP driver found to be necessaryauth_mode

: Oliscial Values NullPlainloginor cram-md5.

Add a hasNamedScope to the Model

Alex Bowers and Graham Campbell are found in the model's scopes according to individual PR's.

The HasScope method checks whether a scope exists dynamically.

public function index(Request $request)
$post = Post::query();
foreach ($request->get('filters', []) as $filter) {
if ($post->hasNamedScope($filter)) {
return $post->paginate();

Cache Security Support for Database Cache Driver

Taylor Otwell contributed cache lock support for the database driver from Symfony's Lock Component PDOStore. Check out Pick Request #32639 for application details.

Release notes

Although we have looked at all the new features in this post, you can see the full list of new features and updates below and the differences between 7.9.0 and 7.10.0 on GitHub . There are some impressive new features in this release. You can see them all in the latest v7 change log:



  • Added artisan make:castcommand ( # 32594 )
  • Added Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Concerns\InteractsWithDatabase::assertDatabaseCount()# 32597 )
  • Allows auth_mode configuration for SMTP mail drive ( #32616 )
  • hasNamedScope()function added ( # 32622 , # 32631 )
  • Pagination count runs as subquery for group and havings ( #32624 )
  • Cache::lock()My feed# 32639 , 573831b )
  • Same session ID request concurrency limitation ( #32636 )
  • Add to collections skipUntiland adding skipWhilemethods ( # 32672 , # 32676 )
  • Support for deleting with limit on Sqlsrv ( f16d325 )
  • Added mergeFillable()and mergeGuarded()# 32679 )



  • Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Relations/Concerns/AsPivot::fromRawAttributes()6c502c1 )
  • Public files restore ( #32613 , d82f78b , 48e4d60 )
  • Illuminate\Mail\Mailer::addContent()0557622 ) if plain e-mail is empty, use a single space
  • Illuminate\Foundation\PackageManifest::getManifest()# 32646 ) remove read while loading package manifest


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(Accessed May 08, 2020).

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