Laravel 7.18 Out

The Laravel team released v7.18.0 with changes to an HTTP client withMiddleware method and component attribute updates, as well as the latest new features, fixes, and branch 7.x.

HTTP withMiddleware

Hannes Van De VrekenwithMiddleware , framework a method to the HTTP client Added . Uses Guzzle's handler stack to send to a user-defined middleware:

$client = new \Illuminate\Http\Client\PendingRequest(); $debugBar = new \DebugBar\StandardDebugBar();Get data collector.
$timeline = $debugBar->getCollector('time');
Wrap the timeline.
$profiler = new \GuzzleHttp\Profiling\Debugbar\Profiler($timeline);
Add middleware to the handler stack
$client->withMiddleware(new \GuzzleHttp\Profiling\Middleware($profiler);;

New Timer Frequencies

Sjors Ottjes , new to the programmer ManagesFrequenciesproperty methods added (via feature), adds syntax for one, two, and three-minute timelines:

$schedule->job(SyncSomething::class)->cron('*/2* ***'); every 2 minutes
After, new methods
PR also adds everyThreeMinutes and everyFourMinutes

Release notes

Below is the full list of new features and updates, and you can see the differences between 7.17.0 and 7.18.0 on GitHub.



  • Illuminate\Http\Client\PendingRequest::withMiddleware()# 33315 , b718d3a )
  • ComponentAttributeBag Macro( #33354 )
  • Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection::toQuery()# 33356 , 15586fa )
  • first()for Illuminate\View\ComponentAttributeBag# 33358 , 731b94f )
  • everyTwoMinutes()everyThreeMinutes()everyFourMinutes()Methods for Illuminate/Console/Scheduling/ManagesFrequencies# 33379 )


  • ConfigurationUrlParserquery decoding method ( # 33340 )
  • Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\Concerns\AsPivot::d elete()# 33347 )


  • Replace the placeholder of valide points and stars ( #33367 )


KARABAY A, 2020 . Laravel 7.18 Out,

(Accessed July 08, 2020).

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