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Laravel 7.3.0 Released

Laravel 7.3.0 Released

Laravel's team released v7.3.0 . Since the release of Laravel 7.2, there have been several patch versions.

Component Fixes

Laravel 7.2.2 fixes several blade component issues. Especially make:componentCommand now supports subdirectories:

php artisan make:component Navigation/Item#previously creates the following:
# View/Components/Navigation/Item.php
# views/components/item.blade.php
# Now creates them as expected:
# View/Components/Navigation/Item.php
# views/components/navigation/item.blade.php

Fix a Route Naming Problem

Laravel 7 has started route caching speed improvements, but with this, there have been several problems in the application. Laravel 7.2.1 corrected a cache-related path naming issue; 7.xto get the latest routing fixes, you must switch to the latest version.

Paths with duplicate names must ensure the uniqueness of route names so that "multiple areas of freamwork can cause unexpected errors" .

Release notes

The rest of the updates, v7.2.0the changes and fixes that are listed below. Complete list of new features and updates on GitHub and 7.2.0 and 7.3.0 you can see the differences between . The latest on all release notes for Laravel 7.x v7 change you can find it in the blog :



  • # 32086 ) ^4.0added the ability to use versionsramsey/uuid




  • Fixed blank data for blade components ( #32032 )
  • make:component# 32030 ) fixed subdirectories when creating a component with
  • Fixed serialization of models when sending notifications ( #32051 )


  • Exception error for non-existing component alias ( #32036 )
  • Command overwrite files published by default stub:publish# 32038 )



  • Enable Windows cache paths ( #31985 , adfcb59 )
  • Corrected exception creation in debugging mode ( #32027 )
  • Route naming issue ( #32028 )

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