Laravel 8 Launches With New Features

Laravel 8 has been released and Laravel Jetstream includes many new features, including a model directory, model migration classes, pass-through crushing, speed limiting improvements, time test aids, dynamic blade component, and more.

Before moving on to new features, starting with version 6, I would like to point out that Laravel will now release a new major version every six months.

Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream develops the existing Laravel UI scaffolding from previous versions. Provides a starting point for new projects, including sign-in, sign-in, email verification, two-factor authentication, session management, API support through Laravel, and team management.

Model Directory

Laravel 8's application skeleton is a app/Modelsindex. All generator commands, models app/Models; however, if this directory does not exist, models of the framework application app/will assume that it is kept in the folder.

Model Factory Classes

The Eloquent model factory is now class-based, starting with Laravel 8, and with improved support for relationships between factory (that is, a user has many tasks). The new and improved model has entered a very nice form of new syntax to create records through the factory.

Migration Squashing

If your application contains a large number of migrate files, you can now compress them into a single SQL file. This file is run by the remaining migrate files that are not part of the compressed schema file when running the migrate operation first. Crushing the existing migrate and reducing migrate file bloating and possibly improving performance when running tests.

Improved Speed Limitation

Laravel 8 provides improvements to existing speed limiting functionality, while support backward compatibility with its existing software and offers much greater flexibility. It has the speed limiting concept that you can define through Laravel 8:

As you can see, for()The method takes the HTTP request instance and gives you complete control over dynamically limiting requests.


Laravel users have full control over time change through the excellent Carbon PHP library. Laravel 8 takes this a step further by providing appropriate test aids to change the time in tests:

When using these methods, time will be reset between each test.

Dynamic Blade Component

Sometimes you need to dynamically create a blade component at run time. Laravel 8 <x-dynamic-component/>enables the component to:

Learn more about Laravel v8...

These are just a few of the new features in Laravel 8, and check out the Laravel 8 release notes and upgrade guide to see a complete list.


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