Laravel 8.20 Out

The Laravel team released 8.20 this week with cache lock connection configuration, the ability to provide default values when synchronizing a pivot table, and the latest changes in version 8.x.

Separate Lock Connection for Cache Stores

Paras Malhotra contributed to a separate lock connection configuration for cache stores. It is common to clear caches during things like deployment, but doing so can disrupt unique jobs or session blocking. from now on lock_connectionyou can use a configuration feature to define the cache connection used for locks:

'stores' => [
'database' => [
'driver' => 'database',
'table' => 'cache',
'connection' => null,
'lock_connection' => 'lock',
'redis' => [
'driver' => 'redis',
'connection' => 'cache',
'lock_connection' => 'lock',

Synchronize Records in PivotTables with Default Values

Daniil Zobov contributed to synchronising records with default values in pivot tables:

$server = Server::find(1);
$ips = Ip::findMany([1,2,3]);
['vlan' => 1444]

Custom DBAL TimestampType

Tom H Anderson and Dries Vints , TimestampType to a custom mapping type contributed.

Seetherelease notes below for more details.

Release notes

Below is the full list of new features and updates on GitHub and you can see the difference between 8.19.0 and 8.20.0. The following release notes are taken directly from the change log:




  • constant Illuminate\Validation\Concerns\ValidatesAttributes::validateJson() For PHP 8 ( # 35646 )
  • Fixed assertCookieExpired()and inside assertCookieNotExpired()Methods Illuminate\Testing\TestResponse# 35637 )
  • Fixed: Mailable :: renderForAssertions () ( #35662 ) in a numeric view array account
  • With invalid X-XSRF-TOKEN Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Middleware\VerifyCsrfToken# 35671 ) Capture DecryptException


  • Check configuration Illuminate\Foundation\Console\Kernel::scheduleCache()a253d0e )
  • Model::mergeCastsChange to return $this# 35683 )
  • If a request is modified, clear a user cached in RequestGuard ( #35692 )


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