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Laravel Admin Panels

Laravel Admin Panels

Voyager: Admin Panel

Voyager stands out with a professional interface.

Another smart decision is to have the "dummy data" parameter during installation; you can have your admin panel play with pre-entries.

Voyager also has a media manager for all the files you upload, which is really convenient and helps him stand out among other admin panel builders.

LaraAdmin: Admin Panel + CRM

After you install and log in to your admin panel, you can visually create modules that represent your CRUDs. modular system, From SugarCRM sampled.

With a few clicks, you can create database transitions for your model and also create CRUD simultaneously or separately if you want.

LaraAdmin comes with several predefined modules.

The same as voyager above, LaraAdmin has Installations. Basically, it's an internal browser for your installations.

LaraAdmin for Frontend uses AdminLte, a very popular theme.

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