Laravel Exchange Rates API Pack

First, you can get the available currencies:

$exchangeRates = new ExchangeRate();$exchangeRates->currencies();
Get the exchange rate between the two countries:

$exchangeRates = new ExchangeRate();$exchangeRates->exchangeRate'TRY', 'EUR');
You can get an exchange rate between dates:

$exchangeRates = new ExchangeRate();$exchangeRates->exchangeRateBetweenDateRange'TRY', 'EUR', Carbon::now()->subWeek(), Carbon::now());
The following will convert 100 TRY to Euros:

$exchangeRates = new ExchangeRate();$exchangeRates->convert100, 'TRY', 'EUR', Carbon::now());

You can learn more about this package, get all the installation instructions, and get the source code on GitHub view at ash-jc-allen / laravel-exchange-rates .


KARABAY A, 2020 . Laravel Exchange Rates API Package,

(Accessed January 03, 2020).

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