Trix Editor for Laravel

Since Trix is CSS and JavaScript, you can already integrate with Laravel, but laravel-trix is a package that makes it easier to set it up.

First, install the Composer package:

composer require te7a-houdini/laravel-trix
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Te7aHoudini\LaravelTrix\LaravelTrixServiceProvider"
php artisan migrate
After you install the package, it looks like you have an Article Model, and on it you want the Trix editor to create and update the forms. All you have to do is use Blade :
html>head> @trixassets  head>body>formmethod="POST"action="route('')"> @csrf @trix(\App\Article::class, 'content')  inputtype="submit">form>body>html>
The package includes many more features, such as using uploaded files, creating for existing models, and advanced configuration. Learn more about this package Can find it on Github and read the full user manual.


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