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Laravel Livewire v1.0 Released

Laravel Livewire v1.0 Released

Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel, which makes it easy to create dynamic interfaces for Laravel.

This release adds the following:

  • Turbolink integration
  • Alpine JS integration
  • Wire support: Listening to the model for "login" events sent by AlpineJS: $dispatch ('input', 'foo')
  • wire:custom-event="foo"Getting params from an AlpineJS : $dispatch('custom-event', 'bar'). (In public function foo($param)$param Will 'bar')
  • Livewire custom label syntax (similar to the Laravel 7 Blade component label syntax) (available only in Laravel 7):

If you don't know about Livewire, there's a documentation on the home page showing you what you're doing:

  • Livewire creates the first component output with the page (such as Blade), so it becomes SEO-friendly.
  • When an interaction occurs, Livewire requests AJAX to the server with updated data.
  • The server recreates the component and responds with new HTML.
  • Livewire then intelligently changes the DOM depending on what's changed.

You can look at the quick start documentation to help you create your first component. Here's a Livewire component from the Quickstart guide

use Livewire\Component;class Counter extends Component
public $count = 0;
public function increment()
public function decrement()
public function render()
return view('livewire.counter');

With the accompanying Blade template:

{{ $count }}

You can get upgrade instructions and details about the release from Version v1.0.0 on GitHub.

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    Hi, thank you for the information, do you actively use livewire?

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