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Laravel Model Schematics Pack

Laravel Model Schematics Pack

Laravel Schematics is a package by Maarten Tolhuijs that creates a diagram of your models and creates them interactively.

This package allows you to create multiple diagrams of your Eloquent models and relationships. Drag-and-drop relationships help create and create your models by providing many options, such as adding forms and resource controllers, running through form requests, or (configurable) by automatically clicking them.

Here are some of the features:

  • Drag and drop models together and create relationships interactively
  • Create and edit individual models through a user interface
  • Multiple diagram styles: bezier, straight, flowchart, and state machine
  • Import / export diagrams
  • Model search and filter

Use of this package 

See the example of editing drag-and-drop model relationships in the project file :If you want to learn more about this package, see GitHubat mtolhuys / laravel-schematics. .

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