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Laravel Accountant Package

Laravel Accountant Package

Data discrepancies that indicate suspicious business-related activities and other actions that may otherwise pass undetected can now be easily detected.

Key features at write time, according to README:

  • Already to the majority ( Belongs ToManyAnd MorphToMany) relationship support;
  • Event source-style approach, holding complete snapshot Between Recordablemodels created, modified, or received;
  • RecordableTo be able to fully recreate model instances when they are saved;
  • LedgerSigned records for data integrity;
  • Effortless data integrity checks
  • Save contexts
  • Great customization support
  • It's easy to keep track of documents and troubleshooting guidelines;
  • Laravel and Lumen 5.2+ support;

This package has a number of features that you can control in documents. Example of the "Saveable" property used to record model events:

The accountant released v1.1.0 on January 1st, which is a relationship with many people and forceDeleteprovided activity support. You can even watch pivot events - pivot events with saving for details related recordable model setup documents.

You can follow it with the Accountant and view the source code in GoLab in Altek / Accountant, including documents contained under version control in the same GitLab store.

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