Laravel Accountant Package

Data inconsistencies that indicate suspicious activity related to the job and other actions that might otherwise go unnoticed can now be easily detected.

At write time, key features according to README:

  • Already most of them ( BelongsToManyand MorphToMany) relationship support;
  • Event source style approach, holding complete instantaneous between Recordablecreated, modified, or imported models;
  • RecordableTo be able to fully recreate model instances when they are saved;
  • LedgerRecords signed for data integrity;
  • Effortless data integrity checks
  • Save contexts
  • Great customization support
  • It's easy to keep track of documents and troubleshooting guidance;
  • Laravel and Lumen 5.2+ support;

There are a number of features in this package that you can check in the documentation. Example of the "Recordable" property used to record model events:

<?phpnamespace App\Models;use Altek\Accountant\Contracts\Recordable;use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;class Article extends Model implements Recordable{ use \Altek\Accountant\Recordable; // ...}

The accountant published v1.1.0 on January 1st, which allows many people to forceDeleteprovided event support. You can even track pivot events - pivot events by registering for related details recordable model setup documents.

You can track it with the accountant and view the source code in GitLab in Altek / Accountant, including the documents under version control in the same GitLab repository.


KARABAY A, 2019 . Laravel Accountant Package,

(Accessed July 06, 2019).

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