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Laravel Real Time Messaging Pack

Laravel Real Time Messaging Pack

Chatify is a Laravel package by Munaf Aqeel Mahdi that adds a complete real-time chat system to your application without any additional code.

Chatify uses Laravel's Pusher integration for chat functionality with the following features:

  • Real-time contact list updates.
  • Favorite contacts list (such as story style) and "Add to favorites" button.
  • Saved Messages to save your messages online, such as the Telegram messenger app.
  • The search function.
  • The last message indicator of the Contact element (for example, You:....).
  • Active status of the real-time user.
  • Real-time write indicator.
  • It's a sign of messages that appear in real time.
  • Real-time internet connection status.
  • Install attachments (Photo /File).
  • Shared photos, delete chat .. (User information on the right).
  • Design compatible with all devices.
  • Customize user settings and chat: user's profile photo, dark mode, and chat color. with simple UI design.

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