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Laravel Web Authentication Package

Laravel Web Authentication Package

For Laravel, WebAuthis a package that authenticates using the fingerprints of devices or other biometric data.

This package verifies the WebAuthn identity of the user's device with a custom verification system to authenticate users in Laravel:

namespace App;use Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User as Authenticatable;
use DarkGhostHunter\Larapass\Contracts\WebAuthnAuthenticatable;
use DarkGhostHunter\Larapass\WebAuthnAuthentication;
class User extends Authenticatable implements WebAuthnAuthenticatable
use WebAuthnAuthentication;
// ...

To connect this package to each other on the frontend side, WebAuthn provides a JavaScript helper to perform registration and sign-in through the W3 standard:

The Web Authentication API (WebAuthn) is an unencrypted web browser standard accepted by Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and other modern browsers (see caniuse data). Web Authentication is an excellent input method.

Web Authentication Guide

To Learn More About This Package

I strongly recommend that you consider browser support before applying WebAuthn to your application.

You can learn more about this package and review all setup instructions and view the source code on GitHub at DarkGhostHunter / Larapass.

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