Laravel Website Builder

Microweber An open source website builder based on Laravel and Bootstrap is a CMS and online store. It aims to quickly create all kinds of websites and online stores with the WYSIWYG experience of users.

An example of a website editing experience:

Microweber's main features include:

  • Drag and drop: You can drag and drop items on your page and modules, and edit items. The Drag and Drop method applies to all content types: images, text fields, videos, and various modules, and additional customization options. Your users don't need coding experience to edit and create their content.
  • Live editing support: you can type the content of your website into the design and switch between the admin panel view and the website interface.
  • Online store builder and payments: Microweber comes with an online store, so all you have to do is start adding prices and products. The main features of the online store are payments, customer list, configurable shipping options, customer order statuses, custom fields, and order notifications.
  • Marketplace templates: Microweber has a menu where you can buy templates to get started quickly.

To use this website builder, you can go to the github repo.


KARABAY A, 2020 . Laravel Website Builder,

(Accessed May 02, 2020).

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Comments (2)

  • murad Reply

    Thank you for the information. Is there a video series about Microweber? Multilanguage supported?

    1 year ago
    • ALI KARABAY Reply

      Yes, the training series is available on YouTube and has multilanguage support

      1 year ago


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