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Django 3.0 Released

Django 3.0 Released

It is a python-based web freamwork. Python It comes with support from 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 and third-party library support for the older version of Django.

New features in Django 3.0

MariaDB Support

Django now officially supports MariaDB 10.1 and above. To use MariaDB, you must use MySQL shared between the two.

ASGI Support

Django 3.0, a ASGI Application by supporting working as Makes Django completely asynchronous (Django already has existing WSGI support). However, asynchronous features will only be available for applications running under ASGI. As a bad effect of this change, Django is now aware of peer-timeless event cycles and will block the search code marked as "peer-timeless" from a peer-timeless context - such as ORM operations.

Model Enumerations for Field Selections

Custom enumeration types textchoices, IntegerChoices, and Choices can now be used to define Field.choices. TextChoices and IntegerChoices types are provided for text and integerfields.

Django 3.0, Ended December 2019 Postgresql 9.4 and he has withdrawn his support. It is also private Python 2 compatibility APIs Removes Oracle 12.1 support for also ends in July 2021. Django will be supported by April 2.2, 2022. Django 3.0, Oracle 12.2 and 18c supports .

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