What is NumPy?

One of the most used libraries in Python is Numpy. Provides functions that allow developers to perform basic and advanced mathematical and statistical functions in multidimensional arrays, and matrices with fewer lines of code. The 'ndarray' or n-dimensional array data structure is numpy's main function. These arrays are homogeneous, and all elements of the array must be of the same type.

NumPy arrays are faster than Python strings. However, python strings are more flexible than numpy arrays because you can store only the same data type in each column.


  • It is a combination of C and python
  • Multidimensional homogeneous arrays. Ndarray, a dimensionless series
  • Various functions for arrays.

Why Should We Use It?

  1. Less memory usage
  2. Fast performance
  3. Suitable for Work


  • Numpy arrays take up less space.

NumPy arrays are smaller in size python strings. A python string can take a size of 20 MB, while a series can receive 4 MB. Arrays are also easily accessible for reading and writing.

  • The speed performance is also great. Performs faster calculations on Python strings.

Since it is open source, it costs nothing and uses Python, a very popular programming language with high-quality libraries for almost every task. Also, it is easy to connect the existing C code to the Python interpreter.

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