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What is Scikit-learn?

What is Scikit-learn?

Scikit-learn is one of the most widely used Python packages for data science and machine learning. It allows you to perform many operations and provides various algorithms. Scikit-learn also provides documentation for the background of algorithms used with classes, methods, and functions.

Scikit-learn Features :

  • data processing,
  • Dimensional downsizing,
  • model selection,
  • Regression
  • Classification
  • cluster analysis.

It also provides several sets of data that you can use to test your models.

Scikit-learn doesn't apply everything about machine learning. For example, there is no comprehensive support for:

  • neural networks,
  • self-regulating maps (Kohonen networks),
  • learning the connotation rule,
  • learning reinforcements, etc.

Scikit-learn is built on NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib, so you need to understand at least the basic splendours of these two libraries to apply effectively.

Scikit-learn is an open source package. Like most things in the Python ecosystem, it's free even for commercial use. Licensed with BSD license.

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